4th Il Varco International Short Film Festival

Thank you for patiently waiting the results of this official selection. During the process, Covid-19 completely changed the society we live in and the way we approach the audiovisual in general. We were supposed to have a 4-day city event full of live meetings, people shaking hands, cultural exchange. That is, of course, not going to happen in this form. We will have a 4-day online screening in the second week of June and, if it will be safe to do so, we will make a second screening in an open air venue in August in Pescara, Italy.

In these last weeks I’ve been wondering about what should be the role of a short film festivals in times like this, when Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+ are accumulating a never seen before number of subscribers and with entertainment being the primary source of comfort from the negative feelings of lockdowns and quarantines. I think that they provide enough entertainment for all of us to be in front of a screen for decades. Trying to compete with such platform proposing films online that are simply entertaining makes no sense at all anymore.

We’re about to enter times when computers with machine learning powered AI systems will be able to write scripts, to shoot films, to produce entertainment at the highest level. What will be left of Cinema as we know it? What will be our biological niche, where we can still feel human?

In these landscape, it is very difficult for a festival to find a purpose in the audiovisual world. Thus, I have focused really hard on providing a real alternative: showing films that brought with them a “human way” of looking at things, a “form” that could take the shape of aesthetic approach, rhythm, language and filmic grammar.

The directors and the films I’m going to present you manage to tell simple, entertaining stories, but they do that by completely reshaping the use of the cinematic machine, proposing their own idea of Cinema.

I strongly believe that in times of deep existential crisis like those we are living now, artists should be the ones that tell us that is still possible to watch the world through our own eyes, that a new sight is always possible and it is maybe one of the few remaining ways of finding a reason for our life and our work.


Andrea Gatopoulos





Il passo dell’acqua by Antonio Di Biase (Italy, 2019) (Out of competition)



Los Oceanos Son Los Verdadores Continentes by Tommaso Santambrogio (Italy, Cuba, 2019) (Out of competition)
Inverno by Giulio Mastromauro (Italy, 2020)
Amateur by Simone Bozzelli (Italy, 2019)
Ferine by Andrea Corsini (Italy, 2019)
L’alleato by Elio Di Pace (Italy, 2019)




Symbiosis by Nadja Andrasev (France, 2019)
À la mer poussière by Héloïse Ferlay (France, 2020)
Intermission Expedition by Wiep Teeuwisse (Netherlands, 2019)
Acid Rain by Tomek Popakul (Poland, 2019)



Repetition by Kevin Mcgloughlin (Ireland, 2019)
KIDS by Michael Frei (Switzerland, 2019)
Hereafter by Kristen Williams (USA, 2019)




Swatted by Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis (France, 2018)
All cats are grey in the dark by Lasse Linder (Switzerland, 2019)
Train Robbers by Martin Walther (Norway, 2019)




She Runs by Qiu Yang (China, 2019)
La fille oblique by Mathilde Delauney (France, 2019)
Blessed Land  by Phạm Ngọc Lân (Viet Nam, 2019)
Drifting by Hanxiong Bo (USA, China, Spain, 2019)
Thank you for patiently waiting by Max Marklund, Anders Jacobsson (Sweden, 2020)